Anti-UV planting sand bag

一、Material Description:

        There are generally three purposes for the construction of anti-UV planting sand bags, namely (1) slope protection, (2) slope building, and (3) vegetation. The original soil in the work area is poor, such as being easily eroded, barren, and unfavorable for the habitat of plants, which makes it impossible to protect and achieve soil and water conservation, thereby affecting the surrounding environment or the environment under the slope, and even the threat of disaster. It can improve the condition of the original base and make the slope of the soil more stable. The ultimate goal is to provide the function of plant green resources to protect the earth and replace the non-living temporary nature of the artificial bag. The force of the slope protection can restore the natural vegetation and cover it for a long time on the treated inferior site, thereby achieving the purpose of ecological construction method.

二、Product Features:

   (1) It is woven with polypropylene PP material, which is light in weight.

   (2) It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, acid and alkali erosion, and can be

        stacked arbitrarily after borrowing soil or foreign soil, which is

        suitable for on-site construction of various combinations.

   (3) It has shading rate and water permeability, and can be both water-

        permeable and sand-permeable to prevent soil loss.

   (4) The functions of building slope, stabilizing the foot of the slope,

        reasonable infiltration and drainage, rapid and uniform vegetation

        greening, etc.

   (5) It is suitable for the stabilization of collapsed ground, mountain

        belly, and eroded ditch toe, that is, for temporary

        disaster prevention and containment.

   (6) Greening and beautification such as stable slope, inner side of

         stiffened retaining wall, free beam frame, etc.   

   (7) Construction of stacked greening and grass ditch drainage system

         on gravel slopes, soft rock slopes, and slopes without topsoil.

         Slope remediation, Marine engineering,Landscape engineering,

         Water conservancy project will be widely used.



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