Gabion bag

一、Material Description:

The natural construction method is a construction method strongly promoted by the central government and environmental protection and landscape maintenance groups. Engineering shortcomings of conceptual design. The earth gabion bag and the earth gabion mesh complement each other. The earth gabion mesh is woven with a high galvanized machine and is lined with permeable fabric (groundwork fabric) around the inside and the upper and lower sides. Fill in soil, sand, gravel or natural gradation for quick filling. The filling method is similar to the space bag. After filling with earth and stone and tamping it, the earth gabion bag is covered with a tight fastener to prevent the soil material from flowing out. Before filling, a wooden stake or bamboo is erected on the outside of the earth gabion cage to prevent expansion and damage after filling. Avoid the phenomenon of uneven surface, resulting in failure to reach the height of the expected design. Then, according to the regulations of the design drawings or the instructions of the supervising engineer, the cover is filled in layers, compacted, and machined under heavy pressure, so as to achieve the compacting effect. The gabion group is a ductile structure, which is full of flexibility and can resist the impact of water flow. When the flood scours the riverbed, the gabion group can automatically become sinking by its own weight, and it is flexible and deformed like an amoeba. It has excellent stability and integrity, and can be constructed in water. It is simple and quick to construct by hanging, which has little impact on the environment, and is fast and safe.

       Slope remediation, Marine engineering,Landscape engineering,

       Water conservancy project will be widely used.

二、Product Specifications:

  •     (1) Earth-rock cage bag: It is made of circular woven cloth with 
  •          anti-ultraviolet, acid resistance, and alkali treatment. Its fiber
  •          component is polypropylene or polyethylene, which has
  •          the characteristics of high water permeability and durability.


    (2) Cage:The metal mesh wire of the woven cage should be

          galvanized on its surface according to international standards to

          meet the requirements of high tensile strength, high corrosion

          resistance, excellent deformability and not easy to spread.


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