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   Founded in June 1996, it currently owns the first domestically operated industrial weaving production line, with a maximum annual average output of 3 million square meters. In recent years, it has introduced a new generation of marketing management methods, committed to quality improvement, cost control and complete after-sales service, so it is deeply loved and affirmed by the industry.

      Nowadays, due to the needs of the current situation, soil and water conservation projects are getting more and more attention. Field test observations are widely praised by the engineering community, and there are currently millions of square meters in Taiwan.

      Today, our factory has obtained the ISO-9001 international quality certification, hoping to enter a new era with more stable quality, more favorable price and the engineering field.

Our expectations

There is only one earth, the next one, love the earth

A product application of the most natural ecological construction method


■ ISO-9001國際認證
■ 具競爭力的價格
■ 可靠的產品品質
■ 一貫生產作業



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Jin Tai Ming Plastice Enterprises Corp.


Jin Tai Ming Plastice Enterprises Corp.


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No. 28, Shi-Yung,Ting-Shile, Hu-Wei Town, Yun-Lin County.R.O.C