Mesh drain

一、Structure Description:

       (1) Three-dimensional mesh drainage board: The hard PP material is

            extruded and processed to form a plurality of three-dimensional

            continuous winding and interconnected to form a porous water-

            permeable body.

(2) Synthetic fiber permeable woven fabric: The synthetic

     fiber mesh of the woven fabric must be woven from

     monofilament fibers (warp and weft) with anti-ultraviolet,

     acid and alkali resistance treatment, and its fiber component

     is polypropylene, The front is made of general long-fiber

     non-woven fabric.

          Slope remediation, Marine engineering,Landscape engineering,

          Water conservancy project will be widely used.

二、Product Specifications:

(1) Three-dimensional mesh drainage board:

      A、30 % flat rate tensile strength:more than 9500 kg/m

      B、Porosity: 85% or more

      C、Thickness: 3 cm

(2) Synthetic fiber permeable fabric:

Item Unit Results Test method
Tensile strength kgf/m >2800 CNS 13300
Elongation % <30 CNS 13300
Starting modulus kgf/m >20,000 CNS 13300
Forward water permeability 1/s >0.1 CNS 13298

(3) 2.2 Specifications and Dimensions

Item Specification 1 Specification 2
Length×width×thickness(cm) 25×30×3(±5 %) 20×15×3(±5 %)

(4) The material submitted for review shall be provided with woven



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