Maritime solid bag (flood control bag, space bag)

一、Material Description:

The marine solid bag material is a water-permeable fabric woven from a single fiber with anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, and anti-freeze treatment. The fiber thickness and width should be uniform, the weaving is tight, the gap is uniform, and the weaving water is good.

二、Product Specifications:

       Bidirectional wide-width tensile strength:above 55 KN/m

    Breakage elongation:30% or less

    Forward water permeability:above 0.1 1/s

    Apparent aperture (AOS):<400 μm

    Material:polypropylene or polyethylene

  Anti-aging performance:

  200 h intensity retention rate of UV light > 95 %

       The bag body is seamless, the lifting lugs are polyester

       fiber, and each lifting ring can bear more than two tons.


三、Product Features:

After the existing structure has been demolished, the concrete blocks and engineering residual soil can be filled in flood control and emergency repair bags for storage. It is a flexible ecological construction method, which has more planting and flood control effects than hard construction, can achieve beautiful effects, and has high permeability, allowing free drainage, which can eliminate or reduce the possibility of soil instability, and is suitable for future maintenance and modification. Maintenance is easy.

       Slope remediation, Marine engineering,Landscape engineering,

       Water conservancy project will be widely used.



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